Providing Proper Documentation For an Insurance Claim

Providing Proper Documentation For an Insurance Claim – In the event that your home is destroyed in a fire or vandalized by theft even if you have all of the proper home insurance coverage and have added special replacement coverage, you still need proper documentation to get complete reimbursement for your losses. There are several ways to get the appropriate documents needed by your insurance company.
Take pictures of all outside angles of your home. Also get shots of any structures on your property, which are not attached to your home, such as a barn, stable, storage shed or other outbuilding.
Take snapshots of any special structural features inside your home, such as a stone fireplace, built in pizza oven, specially designed buffets, or custom woodwork, etc.
Take a complete picture inventory of any and all personal property. Be sure to get pictures of any closets, bureaus or dressers, with all drawers and doors open. Also, remember to include pictures of storage areas such as a basement, attic or garage.
If possible, keep the blueprints for your home. This can be the most valuable tool in ensuring that you get the very same house that you had. Also, it would be helpful to keep with your blueprints, a coy of your home appraisal and any photos.
These are some important tips in getting the documents that are necessary or helpful for your insurance claim. By planning ahead, you take the guesswork and save yourself time and money in the future, when you may need to make a claim. It is always helpful to provide the proper documentation when filing a claim, and it leads to a faster claim process and quicker reimbursement.