A Short List of Effective Ways on How to Lower Home Insurance Premiums

A Short List of Effective Ways on How to Lower Home Insurance Premiums – Have you noticed the sudden skyrocket of annual home insurance premium in the last four years? According to the latest report published by the Insurance Information Institute shows that insurance premium increase by almost 40 percent from 2008 – 2011 periods. What will happen if this trend will continue in the succeeding years?
I guess it will put many home owner’s budget to the limit or might be finding themselves on the situation of not capable paying their home insurance anymore. But before this thing will happen, you can consider the short, yet effective ways on how to lower your premium and save money out of your insurance.
Discounts for non-smoking households. Not all but most of the insurance company offered great discounts if all the smokers in your home will quit. The discount is founded in the reason that number of fire cases caused by smoking is kept on rising based on the U.S. Fire Administration statistics. So, if you want to reduce your home insurance cost, quitting smoke is recommended.
Make your home stand against all disasters. When natural disasters strike most of us are helpless. This is why we should be ready all the time by adding and upgrading features such as, storm shutters and reinforced roof to reduce home damages. These features may be able to protect your home and lower your insurance premium.
Settle in a peaceful neighborhood. Once you are living in the neighborhood that crime rate is high and often violent things always happen, will also make your insurance rate too high. The choice of location is very important if you want to save money from your insurance premium. So, locate and buy home in peaceful neighborhood. Not only you can enjoy but save a lot as you will get cheap insurance rates.
Check if you can avail employee discounts. You can inquire with your company human resource department and ask if they have an affiliation with any insurance providers. If yes, then it will be good for you, but you should take note that the discount offered doesn’t mean will be going to be the best deal. Find some other more insurers, talk to them and choose for the best.
Put deadbolt locks in all home entrances. If you tell your home insurer that you have installed deadbolt locks in your home may offer you a discount. This lock can provide more security than any other locks that can prevent intruders and thief break into the house.