Natural Disasters That Make You Glad to Have Home Insurance

Natural Disasters That Make You Glad to Have Home Insurance – It is human nature to think that the bad can never happen to you and that you will never have to face a heartbreaking situation. Life, on the other hand, usually has something else in mind. Insurance is a fact of life that we must all recognize as being in place to protect us. For this reason, it is important to obtain home insurance. You never know what can happen and it is best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. There are many examples in history and recent events that show us just how important it is to protect your family and your home.
Though it seems that hurricanes and floods are causing more damage now, they have also historically wrecked terror on helpless individuals. In 2008, IKE hit the gulf coast in Galveston, Texas. However this wasn’t the first devastating storm to hit the island. Back in 1900, a hurricane hit the island and killed around 8,000 Americans. To this day, this hurricane still has the reputation for being the deadliest hurricane in history. The storm completely destroyed what was a major city in Texas at the time. There was not much warning for Galveston and this left everyone helpless and ill prepares. After this devastating storm, forecasters started paying attention to other countries’ warnings and even built a wall around the island which is now known as the sea wall.
2011 was a very active year for tornadoes throughout the United States. Tornadoes can strike at any moment and often time have very little warning before they strike. A tornado that hit Joplin, Mo. killed about 116 people and made it the single deadliest tornado in 60 years. Heading further south, several states were affected when a cluster of tornadoes ripped through Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia, Virginia, and Louisiana. Over 220 people were killed and the worst tornado hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama killing over 130.
In another country a world away, was one of the most tragic events of 2011. In March, Japan was hit with an 8.9 magnitude earthquake. While this magnitude is deadly enough, it spawned a tsunami which continued the destruction of the island. Over 11,000 individuals were killed and another 16,000 were listed as missing following the aftermath and destruction.
These types of storms can happen at any time. Where there are these examples, there are many more. Just like the gulf coast being hit by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, a tsunami that hit Thailand. It is often hard to know when and where these storms are going to attack. However, these are perfect example of the importance for home insurance. In the event of a natural disaster happening to you and your family, you can be protected. Nobody can truly understand why these things occur and why they must hurt innocent people. You may not be able to save everything you have ever earned or memories made, but with home insurance you can make sure that the basics are covered.