How to Make Your Home Windows Unfriendly to Burglars – Home Insurance Saving Tips

How to Make Your Home Windows Unfriendly to Burglars – Home Insurance Saving Tips – Make no mistakes, your home needs protection. To enjoy high quality insurance protection at a cheap price, there are practices that you will perform yourself before you reach for a reliable home insurance company in your residing state.
Protect Inside the Home
It is true that thieves prefer to use windows to gain entrance into their targeted homes. This is because, unlike doors, windows are easily accessed by criminals. Below are steps that will help you keep thieves away from entering your home through the windows:
o Purchase dedicated window locks from your local hardware store. Install the locks on all first-floor windows; also, install on second-floor windows that can be reached easily from a porch or garage roof. Do not hang your window lock keys beside the window as many people would normally do. Criminals know about this practice and will check to see if you did same. Keep your lock keys where every member of the home will know; this helps in the case of an emergency.
o Do not be seen entering your home by climbing in through the window on the reason that you forgot your lock keys. Criminals will easily take note of the window you used and use it when they want to steal something inside your home. A spare key kept with a trusted friend and neighbor will help in an emergency like this.
o Make sure your windows are not easily opened from the outside. Special opening techniques from the outside should be exclusively known only to trusted members of the home.
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Where To Start?