Getting Your Home Insurance Quotes Online Can Help You Help Your House

Getting Your Home Insurance Quotes Online Can Help You Help Your House – There is a large difference between puttering around the house and forcing yourself to work on projects. If you need some incentive, the next time you see red at the thought of diving into home improvements, think of the green that you’ll save-and the ways taking advantage of today’s technology and shopping for home insurance quotes online can help you save the money you need to make it happen.
Getting your insurance quotes online is a great way to save money on your insurance premiums, but did you know that some of those items you’ve been meaning to upgrade around your house, some of those projects you’ve been procrastinating on, can lower your premiums as well?
Fire Safety 101- Do you have smoke alarms? Fire extinguishers on each floor? Do you have an indoor sprinkler system? Okay, that third item might be a little over the top for the average home, but almost everyone has smoke alarms and fire extinguishers on every floor. That’s generally a 5% savings right there, which is a great start.
Do you have a home security system? There’s another way to save about 5%. Deadbolts and security chains can help lower your premiums, but an actual burglar and fire alarm system can really help you save. Some companies also provide discounts for motion sensing lights or general night illumination.
Windows- These discounts can be a little harder to find, but upgrading your windows brings plenty of benefits with it-including savings when you’re shopping for home insurance quotes online. First, there are some companies who are trying to encourage homebuyers to go green. With them, the same energy saver windows that currently earn you tax savings can be used to get a discount on your yearly premium. Some companies offer a discount for shatterproof windows as well, though you will want to carefully review your quotes to see how these savings will apply.
Roof- This is kind of a no brainer. If you need a new roof and you get one, be sure to include this information when you get your insurance quote online. Insurance companies like new roofs because they help to avoid things like water damage. Sometimes a new roof will earn extra discounts depending on the energy efficiency and durability of the materials used.
Plumbing- If you are one of the unfortunate souls who has to update plumbing (whole house plumbing, not just replacing a toilet), the good news is that this can lower your home insurance premiums. Less chance of leaks and water damage = savings!
Electrical Systems- If you bought an old house and had the place rewired, you can save big! Insurance agencies like it when homeowners reduce their risk of fires.
Heating and Air Conditioning- Buying a new, energy saving HVAC system can lower your insurance premium, lower your monthly electric bills, and sometimes earn tax credits. If you can make the investment, it doesn’t take nearly as long as it used to pay for itself!
If you’ve already made some improvements, jump on the computer and get your home insurance quotes online. If you’ve been thinking about a few of these things but haven’t gotten around to them, here’s a little encouragement to spend more time on projects and spend less money on premiums.