Are Halloween Mishaps Covered Under Your Homeowners Insurance Policy?

Are Halloween Mishaps Covered Under Your Homeowners Insurance Policy? – From smashing pumpkins to egg-splattered on your walls, Halloween is not all treats and costumes. There are those that choose tricks and not treats. Vandalism is a common occurrence on Halloween. There are other dangers to your home and your personal liability on All Hallows Eve as well. For example, you may have lots of people walking on your property to trick or treat (some even have haunted houses and allow anyone to walk through their house). While usually this is not a problem, accidents can occur. If someone is injured on your property, you could be held liable. But are vandalism and personal liability claims that occur on Halloween covered under your homeowners insurance policy?
Most insurance policies will not exclude these types of claims just because it is Halloween. If it is covered every other day, it will be covered on Halloween. It would be a good idea to do all you can to prevent these types of things from happening. Below are three things you can do to ward off those pesky accidents and vandals.
1. Park your car in the garage. Roaming teenagers sometimes like to break things. Make sure your car window is not one of them by parking it in the garage.
2. Make your home safe for trick or treaters. Make sure your walkways are clear and visible. If you have a dog, put him in the back yard. I’m sure your pet is an angel and that you really want to show off how cute he is, but the risk is not worth it. Lots of new people raiding your candy bowl may put your dog on the alert. Also, if you have a haunted house and invite people in to snoop around, make sure they are able to see where they are walking and have the vitality to take a scare.
3. If you plan to spend the night on the town, make sure your home is protected from theft. A guy in a mask on Halloween is not uncommon and could use the opportunity to make away with your flat screen. A couple of ways to protect your home is to have an alarm (or at least make it look like you do with yard signs and stickers), have a dog, have lights with automatic timers, and get to know your neighbors. Obviously there is no fool-proof way to protect your home %100 of the time, but these are all strong deterrents.
Accidents and vandals abound on Halloween, but your homeowners insurance policy is there to make sure you do not incur a catastrophic loss. Follow the three steps above and you may be able to avoid any mishaps at all.