Increasing the Value of Your Home

Increasing the Value of Your Home – If you are interested in selling your property, then you may want to increase the value. After all, every penny counts! If you follow these five simple steps, you may be able to add as much as ten thousand pounds to the value for your house.
Clean up the garden – first impressions count, and your garden is the first impression for your home. Mow the lawn, tidy the hedges and pull up the weeds and your house will look a lot better. Plant some flowers and bring your garden alive. It will really appeal to people, as presentation is key.
Remove all your clutter – if you are guilty of hoarding, have a clear out of all the bits you have no use for, if you can’t bring yourself to throw it away, rent some storage or put it in the loft, neatly. Get the carpets cleaned and even freshen up the paint, and your house will look a lot newer and crisper.
Refresh the kitchen – modernise taps and light fittings for relatively cheap, and notice the difference. It’s the little touches which people notice, which is ironic as they will probably change them as soon as they move in.
Wash the windows – it makes such a difference! Keep the windows looking clean and the natural light will help sell your property for you.
Buy Home Insurance online and you will save considerably on calling. This will add extra pennies that can be spent on buying the house of your dreams!