Doing a House Insurance Comparison – Make Sure to Compare Apples and Apples

Doing a House Insurance Comparison – Make Sure to Compare Apples and Apples – If you are looking to find the lowest rates on your house insurance policy, (who isn’t ), you should be aware of one thing – not all home insurance policies are created equal. Some companies routinely include certain coverage options while others leave them out. In order to do a true house insurance comparison, you need to determine what coverage options you must have and then make sure that all the policies you are comparing, include them. The 3 described below are the ones that make the biggest difference in rates.
1) The separate structure option. Many homeowners policies include this coverage, but some do not. This is coverage for things like a garage, tool shed, or work area that is not attached to the main house. Policies that don’t offer this coverage can be significantly less expensive.
2) Loss of home use. If your home is destroyed or damaged badly by fire or natural disaster, this option will pay for all the occupants of the home to stay elsewhere. (Usually a moderately priced hotel in the area.) Many home insurance companies do not include this coverage standard, but some do. When comparing rates, find out if it’s offered or not.
3) Personal payment option. All home policies will protect you financially if you are sued by someone who gets hurt on your property. However, this coverage option covers the medical expenses someone could incur if they are hurt at your house, even if they don’t sue you. Again, some provide this coverage standard and some do not.