Save on Your Homeowner Insurance – 6 Ways to Put More Money Back in Your Pocket

Save on Your Homeowner Insurance – 6 Ways to Put More Money Back in Your Pocket – There are ways to do this with your homeowners’ insurance policy; you can manage it so that at the end of the day, you are putting in less in premiums and keeping the change to use in developing other areas of your life. In this article, we’ll look at 6 of them:
1. If you are looking at buying a home now, particularly when there are so many homes that have been repossessed and that are going at great prices, you need to stop and think about where you want to own a home. High risk areas attract more in insurance premiums. These are places where burglaries and homicides are common. Go for a quiet neighbourhood, which may be a bit more expensive but will save you lots in homeowners insurance in the long run.
2. Go ahead and consolidate all your policies under one insurance company and then approach them for a value discount. Based on the value of the business you’re giving them, you will get to pay less in premiums and pocket more.
3. You may have considered installing an alarm device in your home but never done it. This is the time to do it. The insurance company is going to knock off a certain percentage from your premiums because you have become low risk – there won’t be break-ins and burglaries in your home easily.
4. If you have not done home repairs lately, there is no better time to do it than now when you want to pocket more and pay less in homeowner insurance programs. A home that’s in a generally good condition will always attract smaller premiums compared to one that’s falling apart. Keep doing the improvements. Make it fun by saving the money that you get to keep and then use it to make more improvements so that after every assessment, you can get a decrease in premiums no matter how small.
5. Whatever happen in the past, its time to get that credit report out and start to work on fixing it. If there is a lot of debt on it, consolidate and approach your creditors for a payment plan. If credit cards are the ones causing you to have a bad credit report, adjust your life so that you can do without them. Whenever you make a step in improving your credit score let your insurance company know about it.
6. Your car sitting in the driveway is one thing that’s considered as increased risk. It may need a little bit of remodelling to get it in a covered garage, but the insurance company will give you lower premiums for it. You will be saving money in the longer term. Better yet, you will have increased the security for your car.
Remember there’s really no advantage to paying more – you’ll still get compensated the same as the person who paid less. Go ahead and look for even more ways to put money back into your pocket by cutting down on homeowners insurance premiums.