Why You Need To Think About A Specialist High Value Home Insurance Plan

Why You Need To Think About A Specialist High Value Home Insurance Plan – Your costly pieces of jewellery, important antiques, pieces of art and hi-tech entertainment systems may not be properly covered under a normal house contents insurance plan. Frequently a typical house contents insurance policy will fail to offer adequate amounts of cover for these kinds of really expensive items and you will therefore need to think about purchasing a more specialist, high value home insurance plan.
Sufficient insurance protection for your expensive objects is frequently ignored
We are now living in a modern society in which personal achievement is often measured by the quantity of high value possessions we have obtained, yet ensuring your collections of art, priceless antiques and precious jewellery are adequately covered, for all risks, can be overlooked.
It’s well worth evaluating the really expensive items you might have obtained, on a frequent basis. It’s extremely easy to lose touch with the quantity of costly objects you might have in your house, that might not be properly covered by a regular house contents insurance policy. For instance you might have recently inherited an invaluable family heirloom or purchased the most recent, high tech, 52 inch, 3D tv and home cinema audio system.
A high value home insurance plan provides exceptional amounts of protection
An expert high value home insurance plan or high net worth insurance plan, as it’s often known as, provides the best protection and a variety of benefits that might not be offered within a regular house contents insurance plan. This kind of policy was created to provide enhanced and extremely adaptable security which is usually targeted at clients with house contents which are valued more than A?75,000.
Generally, a high value home insurance plan will include the following benefits:

Personalised and unique security, created specifically to protect all your valuable pieces, including jewellery, antiques and paintings
Global “All Risks” cover, which includes accidental damage, for all of your individual, high value items
All claims must be agreed on a “new for old” basis, without having reductions for wear and tear, this should also include clothing
Zero “average clause”, consequently no under insurance problems
No specific valuations necessary for products under A?25,000 or A?50,000 for paintings
A fast and dependable claims service
Global yearly travel cover, for your family, though an extra premium might be incurred for this.
Although a high value home insurance plan could be more costly than the usual regular house contents insurance policy, it’s a relatively small amount to pay for the higher level of security provided for all of your precious collectibles.