Who Needs House Insurance?

Who Needs House Insurance? – When I met my husband I was all of 25 and I knew absolutely everything. He was 27 and, therefore, knew even more. What we both knew was that we wanted to buy a house as soon as possible so that we could pay off our bond by the time we were 40 and 28 respectively. Why we were in such a rush I have no idea but we were so determined that within a week of our wedding we had found a little house just outside the city, more of a cottage really, and we both fell in love with it on sight.

It truly was our dream house, nestled in a grove of apple trees with wild heather spilling over the grass and ivy down the outside walls, it was quaint and charming and we couldn’t wait to move in and make dinner for our fiends and make our house a home. We filled out all the forms so quickly neither of us had time to think too much so when the lady at the bank asked if we wanted house insurance we quickly agreed that it really wouldn’t be necessary. We had insurance for all the things in the house after all and we were young and nothing bad was going to happen so what was the point of spending the extra money on that when we wanted to open up the old fireplace and that would cost a penny or two. She might have tried to convince us otherwise, I really can’t remember, it was all too exciting and far too romantic.

The cottage really was everything I had imagined and more. The first few months were bliss. We had everyone around for dinner as soon as we were settled and we sat in the farm style kitchen chatting about how wonderful it was to own our home. One of our friends asked us how much were paying for house insurance, what with our cottage having at hatch roof and all, and seemed rather amazed when we told him that we hadn’t bothered with house insurance as there really wasn’t any need. He was adamant that it was vital but we both felt certain that it was just another way for the bank to make money out of people. After all, neither of us had ever heard of anyone who had actually had to claim from house insurance. I mean houses don’t burn down anymore do they?

After supper we sat in front of our fire (yes we’d opened up the hearth and the chimney and bough a new grate) and it crackled and roared along with our laughter as we warmed our feet. We had a few jugs of warn apple cider that we had made ourselves for the apples in the garden before everyone said good night. When the last of our guests had left we put all the dishes in the sink and decided to go for a little walk outside before we called it a night. Half an hour later we returned and before we got to our cobblestone path we saw the cottage glowing. Literally glowing. It was on fire! We raced towards but it was too late, in a matter of minutes out perfect cottage had burnt to the ground. We looked at each other through our tears and both said glumly “house insurance”.