Preventing Home Fires

Preventing Home Fires – A house fire can be devastating and statistically has been known to be the #1 source of home disasters. Nearly half a million house fires occur each year in the U.S. Fortunately this type of disaster is often preventable when the homeowner takes extra precautions. These simple things can help you make your home safer.
Never leave candles unattended. Always keep lit candles away from curtains, bedding, and other flammable materials. Blow the candles out when you intend to leave the home or go to sleep. This small flame can turn huge with one spark.
Kitchen safety measure help considerably. Make sure upon leaving the kitchen that you have properly turned off your stove. Be sure to also keep dish towels and other materials away from burners. Be aware of what is left on a burner for a lengthy time because it only takes a quick second for a grease fire to start flames that are hard to control.
Electrical cords can overheat so do not cover them. For larger electrical appliances it is a good idea to plug them into a surge protector which can act as a better grounding mechanism. Replace any frayed or damage cords so they do not spark or hurt children or pets that might unknowingly touch them.
Maintain a safe and clean fireplace. A screen can prevent the sparks made by fires from landing on carpet other flammable materials. Never throw hot ashes into a garbage bag, but instead allow them to cool and dispose of them properly in a metal container. Put out the fire before retiring to bed for the night.
Keep flammable liquids such as gasoline and paint away from heat sources in your home like the furnace or laundry room. Also keep them out of constant direct sunlight. The best place is a cool, dark place with the lids of their original containers tightly closed.
Be careful to extinguish all cigarettes if you or someone else smokes in your home. Left unattended or not properly disposed of these can cause a fire very quickly.
Be sure to keep your smoke alarm batteries charged and fresh so that they will be your first defense should an unexpected fire start in your home.
By following these simple rules and being extra cautious when using fire, you will be less likely to have an accidental home destroying fire. It only takes a moment for a fire to overtake your home.