Protecting Your Family Heirlooms With High Value Home Insurance

Protecting Your Family Heirlooms With High Value Home Insurance – There are always distant memories that we remember as a child, such as when we were dressed up to go to a special event. Maybe you have fond memories of your first visit to a posh hotel or possibly a family wedding. Do you remember your mothers special jewellery pieces or your grandmothers favourite jewellery, that they would wear when they were ready to go out and it was the last thing they would put on? You would even catch them staring at the pieces for their beauty. They would smile and it almost appeared as if their jewellery gave them confidence to have a good time at the event. Could you imagine if anything were to happen to those jewellery pieces? If one was lost or if someone had stolen it from them how devastating it would be for them.

Your family heirlooms should be valued on a regular basis to avoid the possibility of under insurance

Very often these valuable family heirlooms are passed down the generations and it is important that they are properly insured for their current value. Family heirlooms have high sentimental value and in the same way that your mother or grandmother would be devastated if their precious jewellery was lost or stolen, you are also likely to be truly devastated by a similar event. It is easy to forget about the true value of these types of jewellery items and under estimate their value for insurance purposes.

If your family heirlooms are really valuable, you should consider a specialist, jewellery insurance or ring insurance policy, for your high value pieces. You should have your individual jewellery items valued on a regular basis to ensure that they are not under insured. As an example, old cut diamonds have significantly increased in value over the last few years.

A specialist high value home insurance policy will cover all your valuable family heirlooms

Apart from specialist jewellery insurance and ring insurance policies, you could consider a specialist high value home insurance policy. This type of policy will cover all of the risks normally associated with a standard home contents insurance policy, but provides the added benefit of insuring your high value jewellery pieces on the same policy. Standard home contents insurance policies will not be suitable to cover high value jewellery items as the maximum insured limits are normally too low.

Apart from comprehensive jewellery insurance and ring insurance protection, high value home insurance policies can also cover your antiques, fine art and even your valuable stamps or coins collection.

The value of your family heirlooms will change over time

As previously mentioned, it is vitally important that the values of all your expensive jewellery, antiques, fine art etc., is reviewed periodically and any major shift in value declared to your insurance company. The replacement costs for these high value items will change over time and you would not want to be under insured. It is therefore important to keep your high value home insurance policy up to date.

Jewellery insurance and ring insurance is an important consideration to ensure that your valuable family heirlooms are fully covered and that you are protected against the unfortunate experience of losing, possible damage or having an item stolen. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that your high value home insurance policy is protecting these valuable items round the clock.