Finding Cheap Home Insurance Quotes in a High Risk Neighborhood

Finding Cheap Home Insurance Quotes in a High Risk Neighborhood – As much as we would love to believe that every neighborhood in the country is an exact duplicate of Mayberry, we’re not living in Utopia. There are certain neighborhoods that seem to attract trouble, from theft and vandalism to violent crime. You know which ones I’m talking about. Nobody really wants to live in one of these neighborhoods, but since you don’t always get a choice (either for personal, professional or financial reasons) here’s a look at what you can do to find cheap home insurance quotes for your high risk neighborhood.
What Does High Risk Mean?
Before we can talk about how to find cheap home insurance quotes, it’s important to understand exactly what we’re talking about when we’re talking about a high risk neighborhood. Your insurance is designed to protect your house from “unforeseeable” events. In other words, if it takes you by surprise and costs you thousands of dollars to fix or replace, there’s an excellent chance your insurance policy is going to cover it.
Home insurance companies don’t bring in profits by paying out more in claims than they take in through premiums each year though. It’s a simple debit-credit relationship. Boil it down to relative risk. If you’re living in an area where you’re likely to have your electronics stolen, your windows broken, graffiti scrawled across the side of your exterior walls or Molotov cocktails tossed into your living room, you’re going to be filing more insurance claims than the neighbor that settled down in Anywhere, USA.
Since you’re more likely to cost your insurance company money, they’re going to make sure you pay for it by raising the price of your insurance quotes.
Finding Cheap Home Insurance Quotes
Just because where you live is going to make finding cheap home insurance quotes difficult doesn’t mean it has to be impossible. How much security do you have on your front door? Homes in a high crime area with deadbolts, window alarms, exterior lights and home security systems are much less likely to be broken into. Thieves love anonymity. They’re going to pass you buy for less obvious fare.
If you have valuables, keep them locked in a safe deposit box at the bank. That includes antiques, jewelry, anything a thief might be able to hawk on the black market. Buy a widescreen laptop computer rather than a desktop, and carry it with you when you go. If you have to buy a giant TV, be sure it’s bolted to the wall and out of sight of the windows. Etch your name, address and phone number on the exterior of anything you have of value that you’re not planning to resell, and keep a file of serial numbers with both your home insurance company and the local police.
It doesn’t matter where in the country you finally decide to hang your hat. Knowing you’re determined not to be a victim will keep the wolves from your door and your home insurance quotes within your budget where they belong.