Home Insurance Tips – The Best Protective Measures

Home Insurance Tips – The Best Protective Measures – In other to reduce the crime rate on homes, the government promised a 20 million pound crime prevention fund. But a home insurance provider’s research reveals that crime can be reduced by property owners themselves. As a result of the increased burglaries, property owners are warned to protect their belongings so that there will be no claims. Not securing your home properly can lead to your being denied of a claim. For instance leaving the windows and doors open without proper locks.
It is true that crime prevention is good and home insurance is a safe bet in case of damages. Try to avoid claims so you can earn a no-claims bonus which should be about 75% over five years. The best measure to follow is by installing deadlocks on your doors and windows, install key operated bolts to enable you gain access to your house.
Do not leave your keys around or place them in a plant pot or door mat this could be seen by anybody. Install spy holes or chains on your external door and make sure you know who is at the door before you open. Before you leave the house endeavor to go round and check if the doors and windows are properly locked.
Put away your garden tools, ladders or any useful object before going to bed because it enables thieves quick entry into your home. Have security marks on your valuables and enough photographs of them. You need to do this to enable you make an accurate claims.
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