The Ultimate World Cup Living Room

The Ultimate World Cup Living Room – The biggest and most prestigious football tournament is underway. The world’s finest stars will be showing off their skills to millions of spectators across the world. It doesn’t matter what team you are supporting, you will want to watch the World Cup in style. There is no doubt the best way to enjoy any game of football, is to be part of the travelling or home support, this however, is sometimes not an option. The travelling expenses, cost of accommodation, travelling and ticket prices all adds up to a sizable sum of money. However, with a little investment in some state of the art technology, you will be able to enjoy the World Cup without leaving your home.
You will want to purchase a large HD television in order to lose yourself in the football mayhem. A plasma television is best for sports, as there is lower latency than LCD and LED screens. Football is a fast paced sport, so your television will have to be able to keep up with the rapid refreshing of images. Some top of the line LCD and LED screens might be able to keep up with the pace; however, these can be relatively more expensive. You may be tempted to purchase the largest screen television you can afford, however, in some rooms this will be inappropriate and reduce viewing enjoyment. Pick a large television, but ensure it is not ridiculously large for your room!
Apart from having a large screen television to properly create the atmosphere of actually being part of the crowd – you could purchase a surround sound system. If your television has a HDMI port, make sure you purchase a surround sound system with the same connection. You can purchase these in various configurations – for the World Cup, you will want a 7.1 surround system. 7.1 surround sound is the current industry standard for home entertainment systems. You will have one sub woofer, and seven smaller speakers surrounding you and any other spectators.
Once you have purchased both your television and your surround sound system (as well as adequate home insurance to financially protect your purchases) – don’t forget about the most important cog in this entertainment machine – the beer cooler. You do not want to miss a penalty, goal or sending off, and the only way to prevent this is to never take the eyes of your brand new plasma TV.