Why an Independent Insurance Agent?

Why an Independent Insurance Agent? – Independent insurance agents are not captive to one single insurance company. They have the ability to sell insurance from many different companies. This gives the consumer more choices. Sometimes it is an advantage to insure your home, auto, and life insurance with one company and sometimes it is not. With an independent insurance agent, you have the choice. It may be more cost effective to insure your home, auto, and life with different companies. It is difficult for one company to be the best at everything.
Independent insurance agents are usually unbiased and can give unbiased advice. When you work with only one insurance company, they will want to make you believe that everything they offer is best for you. Independent agents will search many companies and find the best fit for you.
You may like your insurance agent and not care for your experience with your insurance company. An independent agent can search for a new company which may be a better fit. There is no pressure to try and keep you with a certain company.
If you have an insurance claim, an independent agent will most likely help you through the process. Since they do not work for a particular insurance company, they do not have to go by the strict protocol that company agents do. Even though the insurance company will send an adjuster to investigate your loss, you have an agent that will be working for you.
That is my take on the subject. Thank you.